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September 10, 1971 marks the celebration of the Foundation Anniversary of the Municipality of Alabel, purposely to celebrate its creation and birth of a presently considered as the booming and the fast growing first class municipality of the Philippines. This town anniversary is an annual celebration of gathering all the products, showcasing the culture and what this municipality can offer, and specially this is also one way of giving back all the glory to our Almighty Creator. KASADYAAN FESTIVAL was first celebrated on September 10, 2001 as thanksgiving and merrymaking for a bountiful harvest. This was also the birth of the Municipal Tourism Council that focuses on the promotion of the tourism potential of this municipality.

Lake Beto

Lake Beto

Lake Beto is an inland body of water situated at Barangay Spring, Alabel fronting a private memorial park. The lake is covered with various stories connecting to its mystery and clandestine. During the 1980s, Lake Beto served as a camping site for school-based outdoor scouting and family recreation activities. Local residents living around lake take a change to raise fresh water fishes such tilapia, catfish (hito) and common type of milkfish (bangus).

Freshwater fishes like gouramies and guppy also known as millionfish and rainbow fish is found in Lake Beto. In an aerial view, Lake Beto look like a heart.

In a display located at the Mindanao State University-General Santos City Museum, Lake Beto is describe as a heart-like lake. Fishing is common practice done by local residents in the area.

Conversations about the lake gradually becoming a local urban legend. One story foretells a man who was lost while boating in the lake, gossip about a crocodile attack rapidly terrified the townspeople. A day after that the dead body of a man floated in the lake. Based on an investigation by the local authorities, there’s no sign of crocodile attack instead the man was drunken and lose balance while boating.

Another story was about the mysterious hole. Local residents believe that there was a hole in the middle of a lake connecting to the sea. Based on the story, a man swum on the lake in a hot noontime. Strong wind hit him causing one of his slippers to go far. The slipper was gone in his sight. In the next day, the man went to the beach and get surprised to found his lost slipper floating in the sea. Unverified story about a group of divers conduct an exploration but failed to do it due to extreme current. Making the lake’s depth a mystery.

Local Government Unit of Alabel has a numerous plan in developing this tourist site. Still, Lake Beto is an interesting destination both for mystery solver and nature lover.

Ladol Beach

Ladol Beach

It’s an idyllic natural treasure of the Municipality of Aabel characterizes of by its refined sand, fabulous waves and awesome people. Known for its public beach, the newly created barangay Ladol served as a town’s tourism gateway bringing a record breaking day tourist arrival in 2019 surpassing famous tourist sites in Region XII. Recently, collections of vibrant and colorful corals near the shore of Ladol were discovered by a group of divers and marine biologists of the ECPC Sarangani. This new findings unveiled the abundance of marine life in Ladol which was part of the Protected Seascape of Sarangani Bay.

The huge volume of tourists visiting Ladol challenged the current administration’s tourism development council. Tourism Office of Alabel town already step forward aims to promote tourism, calling support from national tourism agency of the government to allocate funds in improving facilities of Ladol beach.

To spellbind it past and old stories, Barangay Ladol, once a part of Poblacion, is a recreational hub and venue for beach volleyball and other outdoor activities. Fishing was the major source of income of its people. In the 1970’s, the area was known as coconut plantation and been an ordinary place of tranquility for fisherfolks living in the nearby towns. Pioneering settlers of the town, retold their old stories connected to Ladol’s magnificent past such as shark sightings, collecting of seashells, divine miracles, mysterious waterspout, bizarre marine creatures and epic tsunami scarce.

Lobbying a comprehensive tourism plan, the Local Government Unit of Alabel promotes Ladol Beach as an ideal tourism destination offering a so-called “Pangmasang pasyalan”. Ladol Beach had no entrance fee. Cottages cost were affordable, ranging from P 100 to P 200 varying on days or season. The public beach had no corkage fee, people can bring food, drinks and prepared tents without any additional charges. Tourists can walked freely to the beach, sea turtles occasionally laid their eggs to sand after a years of survival, mangrove forest started to flourish for a decades of tree planting activities. Maintaining cleanliness, security and public safety, the Barangay Council of Ladol with cooperation from the Local Government Unit of Alabel and its local police force performed their duties to make everything alright. VISIT ALABEL, LADOL FIRST.